Managed IT Services & Support

Our computer tech help services include:

Repairing slow computers

Data backup and recovery

Virus protection and removal

Wireless networking

Remote IT support for small businesses

New computer setup

Smartphone repairs

Tablet repairs

Cybersecurity services

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

Virus and Spyware Removal

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

Network Design

Cloud Services

Cyber Security

Device Repair & Troubleshooting

Is your computer beginning to act up? Does it crash regularly? Does it need to be restarted frequently? Is it running slowly for no apparent reason? Relax. Professional assistance is on the way. Gone are the days of having to unplug everything, lug your system into your car, and carry it into a computer repair shop. At Anza Computers, we bring the computer repair services to you. No heavy lifting or return visits are required. We are an IT support and computer repair company that can troubleshoot your problems and provide a fast, reliable solution.

With our troubleshooting services, you can rest easy knowing that your computer is in reliable hands. Your problem will be taken care of. Our Staff will come to your office or home, learn about the problems you are dealing with, and assess your computer or device. There’s no need to connect or disconnect anything. Simply save everything and close out any unnecessary programs, and we’ll take it from there.

We come to you

The most inconvenient part of most computer repair services is bringing your equipment into a store. You risk dropping your equipment or losing something along the way, and then you have to come back and pick it all up. Sit tight and we’ll come to you.

We work fast without sacrificing quality.

When your computer is experiencing issues, you want to get it fixed as quickly as possible. But you also don’t want to sacrifice quality and risk dealing with the same issue again in the future. Anza Computers knows how to work fast while being thorough and effective.

We employ proven experts.

No matter which staff member shows up at your door, you can rest assured that they apply their Nerd know-how. Your equipment will be in great hands.

We can repair all types of computers.

Whether you have a PC or a Mac, our team is thoroughly experienced with every kind of computer. We know the ins and outs, what makes them work (and not work), and what kind of repairs they require.

Data Management, Backup, & Recovery

When was the last time you backed up the data on your computer or device? We now live in the age of cybersecurity threats and data breaches and you risk losing important information if you don’t have it stored somewhere other than your computer or device. Anza Computers can help you prepare for the unthinkable with our data backup and encryption services. We’ll make sure you are prepared for the worst-case scenario with a strategic data protection plan. If you have recently experienced a data loss, our IT support team can also assist you with recovering your information.

Protecting a Mobile Workforce

 Today’s employees are constantly on the go. This mobile environment provides plenty of benefits, but it can dramatically increase security challenges. Because encryption protects both stationary information and data on the move, it is an ideal method for securing devices as they travel from one location to the next.

Preventing Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are on the rise – especially among small and mid-size businesses. These attacks prevent victims from obtaining access to critical data. Returned access is promised once a ransom is paid, but often, this ransom is well out of reach for small businesses –and paying it does not prevent attackers from striking in the future. Businesses with comprehensive backup strategies are far less vulnerable to such attacks, as their data remains secure and out of reach.

Minimizing Downtime

Any amount of downtime is devastating. Data backups allow businesses to access critical data quickly, thereby ensuring that they return to full function following attacks or other problematic circumstances. While an effective security plan will ideally prevent breaches from occurring in the first place, it’s always wise to operate under the assumption that, at some point, backed-up data will be necessary to get important functions up and running.

Wireless Network & Connectivity

Does your home have several computers or devices that use the same internet router? If you have wires connecting each of your devices, Anza Computers can help you go wireless. Our expert technicians will come to your property and quickly set up your Wi-Fi services so that all of your computers and devices can work seamlessly through a single wireless router.

There are quite a few benefits of using a Wi-Fi network. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider going wireless:

Eliminate the need for cables

Wired internet connections require, you guessed it, wires. If you have more than one internet-connected computer or device, that means you have several wires running through your home or business. Not only can this look messy, but it also gives you less freedom to move from one place to another. A wireless router will eliminate the wire mess and give you more flexibility.

Easily share printers and applications

With wireless networking, all of your computers can share printers, graphics, files, and other multi-user applications. This will eliminate the need for you to purchase additional equipment and software.

Wireless device convenience

A wireless router will allow you to connect various smartphones and tablets to the internet.

Peace of mind

Wireless networks aren’t only more convenient, they are also more secure, as they can have advanced encryption technology. This additional level of protection can protect your data and files from digital intruders.

Anza Computers internet set-up services include the following:

  • DSL and cable modem setup
  • High-speed internet setup
  • Wireless networking
  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Commercial network services
  • Commercial email communication
  • Phone and virtual support
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